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1) Nonorigin companions: Would love to see some additional companions and romances! Adding nonorigin companions might be a way to add more high-quality companions without it costing too much.
2) More flavor text options, especially for races that don't have a lot now such as high elf
3) Transmog for armor and weapons + more armor styles in general
4) Change merchant interface so that you see the price you will pay and can't give free gold or items
5) Upgrade options for camp
6) For co-op: SWTOR-style conversations

They already said that they would be adding noncombat spells to dialogue as well as the ability for companions to interject, which are things I am looking forward to being added!

1 and 3 are things I really really want. I would love to be able to transmog the good equipment I give my companions to look like their starting stuff to keep their aesthetic intact and non origin companions are the thing I want most next to summoning fixes.