Right now there seem to be no systems in the DOS/BG3 engine for ‘flying’. The druid reveal only showcased how limited things currently are, for instance the bird wildshape form only hops from place to place. We already know about the harpies not truly flying, and I’m sure there are other examples.

What happens when we start to get spells like Levitate, Fly, Telekinesis? Is Spiritual Weapon or Bigby’s Hand also going to be locked to the ground? Or are those all going to be tweaked beyond recognition?

Maybe Larian are working on proper flight, but if so it looks like they’ll need to go back and change a bunch of things they’ve already built to take advantage of it. Adding it in would invalidate a bunch of EA ‘testing' as it would change the game dramatically, but it’s going to be necessary at some point so sooner is better than later.

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