I suspect it's too late. It would seemingly require a complete re-writing of the engine, which at that point might as well be restarting development entirely. The best we can probably hope for is that an inevitable sequel is built on an engine made from scratch so it can incorporate mechanics like true flight, ready actions, and player-controlled reactions more easily. I doubt it's a coincidence that the classes most reliant on reactions and/or additional resources beyond spell slots are all of the ones not yet implemented. The devs need way more time to figure out how to implement those, if they even can at all.

Going off of this principle, I can probably predict the order of the remaining classes to be released.

- Bard (likely with a drastically altered Bardic Inspiration resource mechanic to get around the normally reaction-reliant nature of it, otherwise they behave just like every other spellcaster already implemented. They maybe need extra voice work for Vicious Mockery too, and development progress on that is impossible for us to gauge, so they could end up further down the pipeline for that reason alone.)

- Paladin (highly reaction-reliant, but it's largely restricted to the Smite mechanic which is additionally tied to spell slots, so it would probably be drastically altered to get around that, assuming they can't get proper reactions working. If it weren't for that, they'd basically be a tankier Cleric/Fighter hybrid. They may also need extra work narrative and gameplay-wise in terms of figuring out how to implement oaths)

- Barbarian (slightly reaction-reliant along with having an extra rage resource)

- Sorcerer (they have to figure out a way to convert spell slots into sorcery points and back, along with implementing metamagic)

- Monk (highly reaction-reliant and needs to implement a Ki resource pool)

Honestly Sorcerer, Paladin, and Barbarian are probably a toss-up on what I think would be implemented first, based on what the devs choose to prioritize. But I simply do not see Monk making it in before any other class.

I suspect they might be having issues with implementing bonus damage die on cantrips and certain class features that kick in at level 5 too (which would be a big reason why we're not allowed to go up to level 5), considering the apparent struggles they had with implementing upcasting spells. They're probably waiting to figure out how they're going to implement the extra resource classes first before attempting to raise the level cap.

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