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Has there been any CRPG that has implemented a flying system that is actually good?

I would love to see someone pull it off, but I can't help but imagine the controls being incredibly clunky. Maybe a 3-dimensional aerial grid? Or a homeworld-esque z-axis implementation?

Solasta is trying, but the controls are admittedly clunky (or not explained very well). I think you have to press a couple extra buttons on the compass to be allowed to simply move to a point in mid-air (though you automatically do so if the movement includes an attack against another mid-air or higher elevation enemy at the end of it).

They also had an issue with enemies shoving player characters into out of bounds zones to instantly kill them - more importantly with no way to revive them afterwards (and ending a battle with any player character dead with no revival methods is an automatic game over there). There was one early game encounter that was quite infamous for that, so the Solasta devs temporarily shut that off, but their method of doing so also had the side effect of shutting off the ability to fly over those out of bounds pits too.

Programming is hard.

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