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Levitate and fly would be amazing of course but I'm not sure I see it as a "necessary have".
Maybe I don't know D&D enough to understand why it would be so important.

Aside from the player utility, flight is super important for many creatures in D&D. For instance, dragons are notoriously vulnerable on the ground but in flight are a real threat, as they should be. Even less challenging opponents like imps become far more dangerous if you can’t reach them. And flight is just such a key component of D&D adventures, whether it’s due to spells (incl polymorphing, becoming gaseous etc), flying carpets, winged boots… there are even player races that can fly naturally.

I would really be surprised if they ever offered a battle with a flying dragon. I mean the only time I can think of something similar was in DA:I with a dragon fight. I think they have to deal with engine restrictions. It would be cool if they could, but I am not personally holding my breath for flight in this game. I bet the best they get is maybe a spell that lets you hover. But who knows, maybe it is something they are working on now, and they are keeping it close to the vest.