I've read many posts now, and after 200+ hours of gameplay it just seems to me that Larian would be better off being far more strict to 5e rules. Balance issues would be solved, mostly, if they did. Right now, it just seems like they are creating more work and overall dissatisfaction by not doing this.

Granted, I get why certain features are implements for ease of computer gameplay. For example, eating a cheese wheel as a bonus action saved my life several times. Still, I'd rather earn more money and buy more potions. It makes much more sense to drink a potion as an action than a rack of ribs as a bonus action.

As a final thought, each character has too many actions each turn which makes battle too volatile and uncontrolled. It is very frustrating when you have an enemy, for example the hag, take a half dozen actions before your characters get to go. This leaves too much room for things to go south real fast. One playthrough, she killed 2 members of my party before I even got to go. I didn't long rest beforehand, mind you, for realism sake, but they were full health. She just got too many actions in one surprise round.

Staying more strict to 5e would stop this kind of thing. The more you move away from 5e, the more balance issues you have to compensate for. Easier just to stay true to 5e in the end.