I half-agree but ...

Larian has said they'd make the game according to their idea of fun. It doesn't appear as if all the complaints about combat around here, and what some of us would find "better", is really changing their mind. In fact it doesn't appear as if complaints about UI-and-controls, some of which are massively agreed upon, is really changing their mind either. I don't want to stop you from requesting they rethink their balance, but I'm personally not hoping for much impact.

Also, 5E rules and a satisfying balance (as per my tastes) are two different things.

I share the sentiment that the current balance is ridiculous, and I would be really quite happy to see a better-balanced, less-broken combat system. I don't care if the end result is strict 5E or not. In fact, I think there are many changes to 5E that could make is equally interesting or improve it. So 5E RAW is merely one option.

I believe that Larian adopting a closer-to-5E ruleset, even if temporarily, would immediately and drastically improve the combat. So I'd certainly support closer-to-5E rules, among other options. But again, I feel this is clearly not where Larian wants to go.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.