Honestly, I love the game as it is. I just think it would be better and meet more of the desires of fans to be a bit more strict on 5e Core rules. Maybe they could do like Solasta devs are about to do in their most recent update and have difficulty settings. One setting is strict Hard Core 5e rules that don't allow people to throw barrels (I mean, an ogre makes sense to be able to throw a barrel but Gale???). So Core rules setting would be for all of us people who want a full D&D 5e video game experience. Difficulty settings give all players the ability to really enjoy the game. Those who want to be able to eat a rack of ribs as a bonus action would have a difficulty that is more Story Based. Those who want a full, immersive feel would have a Core rules setting. Those who are so good at 5e that the Core rules are not even a challenge could have a full blown Hellfire/Brimstone Challenge setting. It just seems like this would be a huge solve to a lot of the issues fans are having out here.

My advice to Larian would be to prioritize this above all other fixes. Loaded dice seems more like a band aid to the issue. Difficulty settings would be the full cure.

If you really want fans to feel like they are apart of the EA experience of developing the game, this seems like the next big fix you need to make. Then probably things like Day/Night/Real-time Clock with weather changing affects and limits on rests in the wild with random encounters for those who try to Fast Travel or rest in dangerous areas (basically outside of camp). Then probably items management, and maybe the lack of sifting through mundane items. Maybe that could be a setting too for Difficulties/Gameplay. Turn on/off the need to sort through low cost, mundane items so if there are fans who want total immersion they can sift through every empty sack and pick up every spoon, but for those fans who just want to pick up only valuable gear they can Turn Off Mundane Items so that they can't even click on such items. A Loot All would also be good with this, and a Select Multiple Items in the inventory so that you can move more than 1 thing at a time from one inventory to another would really improve gameplay.

As much as I want Half-Orc and Paladin and Barbarian and Dragonborn and Sorcerer and other such classes, until you fix these things, I think you're shooting yourselves in the foot. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but based on things I've read, it doesn't seem like I am.