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[quote=Pandemonica]Plus we know they could easily give some options to deactivate some of the main core changes (health food, jump height, scrolls class limit, healing touch throw potion, explosives...)

While some of these things are abusable, I do not really agree that they need to create option toggles for anything that is a player choice (food, scrolls, consumables, barrels). Some people enjoy exploiting these features and it helps them have a more enjoyable experience, while those who disagree can set personal rules for themselves and avoid them. The same way someone who is playing a nuzlock run of pokemon might avoid using items.

As for things that can't be avoided like advantage I hope these will be solved later when they introduce difficulty. They are trying to appeal to a wide audience that might not understand DnD when they start playing. Things like height advantage are simple to understand so is good for a normal difficulty setting. Harder settings could restrict how easy it is to get advantage so that it forces you to use supportive spells and have a greater mastery of DnD.

In short don't limit the options on how to succeed and difficulty settings that make the unavoidable game rules "more DnD".