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English is not my native language so sorry if im not easy to understand.
Your post is very well written overall and clear ; better written than many born into English.

Your post made me think about another issue in the current BG3-EA : the user-interface needs to be made more user-friendly for the average player who does not know how D&D works.
The current indicator that shows you have an Action | Bonus Action* | Movement left is tiny and somehow UNDER the main hothars! I did not even see it except after a few hours of playing.
Suggestion: when you have a Bonus Action left, for example, everything that cost a Bonus Action could be under one hotbar section or be more clearly highlighted.
( I know they currently dim what cannot be used : the dimming effect could be increased to nearly invisible. Simple tweak. )

Solasta has its own way of doing it, but it works radically well: the UI only shows you what you can do at the moment. Once you did an Action for example, you only see what cost a Bonus Action* | Free item interaction** | Movement. All Actions are temporarily hidden and it makes it very easy and intuitive for players.

[ Nerd notes :
* it is 1 Bonus Action maximum per turn in 5e (official interpretation; not an opinion), but anyhow.
** In BG3-EA, you can interact with objects and switch weapons at will. Solasta applies the 5e limitation of one free item interaction per turn.]

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