Hmmm... My Wishlist?

* The ability to roll stats... let me reroll until I get the OP character of my dreams... If it's too powerful and "breaks" the game, that'll be my loss (or gain, depending upon how I see it).

* All the core classes and races... maybe a few extras. Playing as a Dragonborn Cleric of Ceric seems like it would be really fun when Gale starts in on his little joke about the incident at the Yawning Portal... and playing as a monstrous race seems like it would come with all manner of encounter difficulties to have to overcome. Besides that, I really like rolling up Minotaur Bards.


*Sliders, please... Maybe I want to play a short, fat drow elf or an incredibly skinny and tallish dwarf... maybe I have a broad shouldered and muscular gnome in mind. Let me slide the scalers to fit my desires.

* The ability to save characters and use them on new playthroughs in other profiles. Sometimes I want to get into a companion's storyline, and sometimes I want to skip the drama and get down to the nitty gritty. The point is, I don't want to have to gain and keep around a companion that I don't like just to have the utility of their skills and abilities. If, for example, Shadowheart really annoys me but I feel that I really need to have a cleric around (and don't want to play one myself as my main character)... let me pull in my custom made cleric to fill that role in the party. In short... The ability to pull in custom saved characters and run with them (or leave them in camp) as desired... without having to start a multiplayer session with yourself. Hells, maybe even let me romance them, if that's what floats my boat.

* (Edit) I'm not sure how I forgot this originally but, minimum 6, preferably 8-10 active party size! (/Edit)

* I know it is too late to implement this for patch 4, but I'd like to see the next patch include mind blowing surprises... Announce the addition of a new race or class and showcase that, but also include another race/class (or three) that wasn't ever even hinted at, just to regenerate the "Oh My Goodness!" wow factor in the players when the patch drops.

* Just a thought, but now that "Loaded Dice" are a thing... I think it would be fun if the penalties for a critical fail when using loaded dice were exponentially higher than they would have otherwise been... Like yeah, you'll critical fail a lot less often, but when you do you'll really feel it!

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