This patch looks like it will not contain any of the things that I was hoping for, but I'm totally fine with that. Progress is progress, and progress is being made.
I doubt that even 1/5th of the things I want will ever make it into the game... again, I can deal with that. I look forward to seeing what this game will become even if it never even comes close to being the game that I wanted. If it continues on the path it is on, it will still be a game that I will be happy to have purchased and proud to have participated in the EA for.
There could have been more information given about when this patch was anticipated to be available, but I'm fine with simply hearing that it will be "coming soon".
It would have been nice to get a little info between the last patch and now, even if it was just "we're working on it." A "here's a few of the things we're looking at" would have been great... but I can deal with the lack of information because I know that progress of some sort is still being made somewhere.
So, rest assured, when this next patch comes out I am going to try a few more playthroughs just to see what's there. When it gets to the inevitable point where I am bored with that content, I'll download a few mods and try to keep my enjoyment level up while I wait for the next patch. Rinse, and repeat.
Speaking of mods though, I seriously hope that someone at Larian is closely monitoring the modding community. What they come up with, or try to come up with, and how quickly those things that they have come up with accrue downloads will give you (Larian) a pretty strong idea of some of the things people are desperately wanting for future patches.
Anyways... Cheers!

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