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Round two...

I wont argue that 4 is somehow better than 6 as the people who want a six man party ..want a six man party...my views are:

1. If you love BG1&2 and that is your benchmark then you need to potentially view this as a whole new D&D game as Larian Studios are not trying to make BG3 in the same literal sense as 1&2. This is their game,20 year later & you can just see how much it means to them & how much effort is going into the game - watch panel from hell.
2. I stopped playing D&D 15-20 years ago but from what I can tell 5E is designed for a 4 party crew - Solaster seems to be doing the same thing.
3. Yes the game will of course use some of Larian studios IP but to say its just a re-skin is nonsense - do they have unlimited funds..no..they do have 300+ people (who they are paying salaries to) working on the game - they cannot do everything, I think Sven mentioned limitations on a couple of occasions during the latest discussion.
4. Absolutely its D&D everything they are doing is trying to bring 5E rules as closely as they can (& in a format that works for video gaming) it has a massive D&D vibe - you cant say it has any other, its a D&D game plain & simple.
5. It may not be in EA but multi classing is coming to the game 4 party members can realistically play as more than 4 (well give you more variants & play styles) & at level 10 max you wont overly penalise your character build (now im going back a long time here but as I recall multi classing could be weaker at higher levels - not so much earlier on...but alot of fun to play).

Ok..hit me with it...

1> Totally agree.
2> About the same with me in regards to quitting it was a while ago
3> I am actually playing another round of DOS2 JUST so I can see if there is any valid points to people saying this is just DOS3, I really haven't found any besides BG3 is using a modified version of the same engine.
4>I really am not a fan of the group being larger than 4. If people don't want to play a melee/or casing class, they can still group up with the same class companions, the companion can just be set up with a different discipline.
5> Ok so HERE is where it gets tricky, because I have done some reading on this. First, you will not be able to simply choose a casting class if say you are a warrior, at a certain level, IF you have to requirements, you can choose a secondary class. Which means, in order to raise your INT to the required level, you will have to gimp your Warriors strength from the start to put points in INT. I am not a fan of multiclass, but at least that requirement makes it at least somewhat balanced. Second, Swen seemed very particular about his words, and I am guessing it is because multiclassing will only be available to the player character, NOT the companions. Which again, I am all for, because personally, I think multiclassing is cheese in 5e standards, I much preferred the multiclass limitations in 2nd edition with the race requirements etc.

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