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Round two...

I wont argue that 4 is somehow better than 6 as the people who want a six man party ..want a six man party...my views are:

1. If you love BG1&2 and that is your benchmark then you need to potentially view this as a whole new D&D game as Larian Studios are not trying to make BG3 in the same literal sense as 1&2. This is their game,20 year later & you can just see how much it means to them & how much effort is going into the game - watch panel from hell.
2. I stopped playing D&D 15-20 years ago but from what I can tell 5E is designed for a 4 party crew - Solaster seems to be doing the same thing.
3. Yes the game will of course use some of Larian studios IP but to say its just a re-skin is nonsense - do they have unlimited funds..no..they do have 300+ people (who they are paying salaries to) working on the game - they cannot do everything, I think Sven mentioned limitations on a couple of occasions during the latest discussion.
4. Absolutely its D&D everything they are doing is trying to bring 5E rules as closely as they can (& in a format that works for video gaming) it has a massive D&D vibe - you cant say it has any other, its a D&D game plain & simple.
5. It may not be in EA but multi classing is coming to the game 4 party members can realistically play as more than 4 (well give you more variants & play styles) & at level 10 max you wont overly penalise your character build (now im going back a long time here but as I recall multi classing could be weaker at higher levels - not so much earlier on...but alot of fun to play).

Ok..hit me with it...

I'd like to address some of these points, sorry couldn't actually find your original post so quoted form the post above.

1. Nobody is expecting a replica of a 20 year old game but speaking for myself I was a hoping for a sequel which continued in the same vein; a great story, adventure, exploration, an interesting range of companions that felt real, an immersive game world that felt alive. So far the map feels a little too like an amusement park.

Sorry but I found the Panel from Hell stream a bit of an amateur anti-climax. I'm not for a minute doubting their commitment to creating a great game, it's just that they seem to have infused it with much of their own interpretation of 'fun' and Larian style OTT mechanics. Some love it, I happen not to.

2. I have never played tabletop but from what I have read in these forums, DnD 5e is designed for 4-6 players?

3. Can't really add anything here.

4. They might well be trying to translate 5e rules closely but it would seem, judging from those far better informed than myself, that they have made plenty of changes under the guise of video game translation, that have ended up imbalancing a number of things. Combat is almost all about gaining high ground advantage, jumping behind enemies to gain advantage, buff/debuff spells are basically redundant. Those are just a few examples. I'd wager a bet that battles in DnD aren't about jumping constantly behind enemies? Also, the combat mechanics have homogenised somewhat the individual feel of classes.

5. I don't quite understand how multi classing characters in a 4 person party somehow makes up for the extra 2 people that would be in a party of 6?