using similar arguments ive seen posted in other threads, the common consensus that pnp 5e is more focused on 4 players shouldnt preclude larian from being able to adapt the rules to a video game for a party size of 6 (and id also argue the whole wotc recommended player size, like challenge rating, should be taken lightly in a game where a gm can create any campaign scenario they desire and most gms would be thrilled with more players at their table - altho during covid times with social distancing that may be difficult wink )

+1 again for increased six person party size, as again, those whom prefer four can still run that group size, although i do agree that an increased party size may further exacerbate some other current bg3 ea mechanics (ie party movement controls with the link/chain, camera controls, current ui/inventory layout, limited companions/npc roster, possible camp/resting mechanics, you could include general combat/encounter balancing and mechanics here, but id argue thats a larger issue in of itself and of possible lvling pacing/progression issues in an act1 ea build)

as an aside, id also like if the next panel from hell/larian update the studio detailed further the map/party locks planned post act 1 that was discussed earlier in ea. personally im not really a fan, but i suppose it could depend on larian's implementation