Being able to tilt the camera up as if it was normal eye and head movement in general is what I am looking for, not just pictures. Currently I find it a pain to do even simple exploration because I have to "scout" with the camera first and hope it decides to go over a hill or building (it often still doesn't go as high as I need it to) then go back and fetch the characters to put in position. I have to do this everywhere unless there are ladders which I can see the base of and it breaks immersion, should be able to have the party stealthily exploring and see things without the micromanagement. Should also be able to look up with the camera on rafters before climbing a ladder.

For flying, being able to tilt the camera up with either the mouse or the kb would allow us to gain height. With the current broken neck camera view it would be impossible, there would have to be a ladder or a hill we first had to climb. An example would be the rock at the ruins that you can drop. With the current camera angle, I never saw it on my screen and didn't know it existed. Even with moving the camera everywhere I could only get a tiny part of the base to show because I began to search for it at ground level. If the camera could tilt up, then a flying creature could get to that elevation from the ground to see and interact with it it at eye level. Otherwise it would require climbing up on the walls then moving straight forward, which would be ridiculous for a flying creature to have to do.