Hello guys,

With the upcoming release of resting and camping, and the way the current game is being played we should talk about resting and camping and how to balance and improve it.

- some of the issues are "sort rests are essentially a spam-aoe heal/mana regen"
- frequent camping is to easily accessed (ie you can (short/long) camp anywhere)
- frequent camping impacts some classes viability (making casters more or less powerful) For example, if you could only camp in some area's, casters would become more or less validated depending on a n umber of other external factors. classes less dependent on camping like fighters are gain value when camping can be done less frequently.
- frequent camping impact the difficulty and progression rates of the game (camping and regenerating more means its easier to heal, get more spells to cast etc)
- frequent camping influences the power of non-combat related choices in the game essentially making things like intimidation etc less important.

Just a few issues to start it off.

How do you feel about it and what do you think should be done to remove / change short/long camping to improve the game?