Breath of the Wild had the best and closest thing to a realistic 'feeling' of flight that I've seen in a Fantasy game. Even if it was gliding rather than true flight and required the massive interplay with elevation and environment and equipment (like pretty much everything else in that game.) They also did climbing and swimming and mounts in a much more compelling way than I've ever seen pulled off in a fantasy RPG. Everyone seemed to absolutely adore it, and those features basically made the whole game the next level thing that it was. I was pretty bummed that Swtor never really found a way to just make jumping off something really tall and not pancaking into the ground exploding into a thing (every Jedi should totally be able to do that from what I've seen) let alone just jumping a little higher than normal like a Mario 64 triple jump. The cinematic RPGs are kind of getting left in the dust with the environment interactivity showcased there several years ago now. It's too bad they couldn't make a D&D game that really had 3D terrain, instead of just platforming height tiers like we usually see. The first thing I tried to do in BG3 was see if I could get on top of the Nautiloid somehow by jumping, and again at the crash site, and trying to jump into the river beyond the shore, or trying to get on a roof. Or dying and then dying again jumping off trying to reach places I wasn't supposed to go. It teases a more complete environment than we can actually interact with in most places.

Also, the outdoors areas feel a lot more like wilderness mazes to me in BG3 than actual terrain. That's one area where BG3 actually does mirror BG1/2, but I'm not sure it carries off as well here as it did back then in Iso, just given how far 3d environments have come elsewhere. Zelda came out what, like 4 years ago already? Skyrim almost 10 years ago, Dragon age even longer ago? Nobody has really attempted a party based game with next gen environments to my satisfaction yet. Certainly not a large party.

I mean all the things I can imagine happening with ropes, watching a full party scale around actual mountain passes, scrambling up hills, but its kinda still just on the level of donkey kong or lode runner with a bunch of ladders and platforms.

Where have you ever been in your life to a place with so many ladders? Or if we need ladders so badly, why wouldn't our pack mule adventurers just bring one along? hehe. There's a colorful character concept for you right there - with a ladder bash button lol. Or a cantrip that let's em perfectly balance and climb their own ladder to nowhere off a cliff

Anyway, yeah, flight would be cool. They did it in Might and Magic back in the early 90s. An abstract terrain type thing could still work probably if they basically built out invisible platforms and ladders that only highlight while "flying" and then just have different animations for "walking" when you're there. Levitate look, crazy hands floating or whatever. And some flight attacks obviously. The camera would need to be able to look up

I'd also just kind of like some flare and ease of use to non combat party movement that isn't in the air. But sure. I'd fly all over friendly body blocks all day hehe

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