There are ways of making going to camp more challenging, but to try and peralize the players for going to camp is not the way to go. Limiting the amount you can go to camp will just set casual players off. It may be the bee's knees to you guys to make it tougher to recoup after battles, but most will look at it as punishing them (because that is ALWAYS the way they see it).

Personally, I would like if they implement a roll on random encounters on the way to the camp. But that is just my personal choice, as is your posts, your personal idea of what will work for you, not really what would work to make the game popular to a broad base of players. Considering how many times you have to short rest, and the only way to recharge your groups short rest is to camp overnight, trying to limit a 1 hr cooldown would not be looked positively by the general player. If they were to make it for a 1hr cooldown, they would have to increase the number of short rests provided.

What if a player spends his gold and cannot buy potions? That player does a particular fight in a deep dungeon and uses his 2 short rests quickly, whelp guess they are screwed since they have 45 minutes to wait before they go back to camp. Or do you think they should have to backtrack through the entire dungeon, run across the world map to their camp? After traversing the entire world map, how many times do you think they should be forced to run across it before they are allowed to utilize easier fast travel? How does that even make sense? I mean you have to look at it in regards to what is enjoyable for the average player.

Now if you want to say have a hardcore mode, where there is camp limitations and such, I say that is a great idea to add additional challenge to seasoned players, but absolutely not for normal and under, hell even hard should have that limitation. You do not see it in Diablo, DOS2, or any other rpg fantasy game. Even ME didn't do it.

If traveling to camp "breaks" your immersion, challenge yourself not to over use it. But don't try to decide how others should use a mechanic in THEIR game.

Also, would like to mention, the camp is not a static day/night camp. The world is, but not the camp. You do have a day/night version of the camp. That is why when you click the "rest for night", it turns to night.

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