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But another issue is.... we are at page 42 now on this thread and if you summarize you will see that abotu 90% say yes please 6 man party! And thats ONLY this forum! You can see similar thread accross all BG3 related Forums with same content.
And guess what? Larian shits on Comunity! They dont even care to talk about it.

Maybe because Larian knows that forums are about the WORST place to get an idea of public sentiment (besides maybe Twitter). Especially since the 90% you are referring too, are most the same posters. Not to mention, this is an open registration forum, so there is also the problem of sock puppets. Not to mention, pretty sure Larian has a better idea of game theory, game mechanics etc than a armchair DM that thinks that they know everything about how to make a successful game that actually makes money to the broadest number of purchasers?...Maybe?