Well if we're going by posts in this thread I'm sure I've had plenty of repeats, anytime I can think of something I didn't think of before then 666 for sure. But Baldur's Gate and IWD were actually some of the last games in the 6+ party lineage to come out before it disappeared almost altogether, I guess until the attempted iso renaissance of more recent days. 4 or fewer feels like lowest common denominator from the consoles legacy. Like accepting the limits imposed by arcade games and consoles and the FPS line. Cause by the time BG1 came out the ship I think had already sailed, and it was almost only by accident of an RTS bridge (from games like the og Warcraft or Starcraft or Shogun) that kind of brought the concept of 6 or more back into it. Or even the idea of controlling a full-on army battle almost crept back into it, albeit on a much more limited scale in BG. But anyway, that was a big part of what made BG cool I thought. It was distinct from other games in the similar genre, but which went off from then on with the 4 cap in mind. Its just a different vibe. I do miss the '6+2more' concept of the old gold boxes though

I think of the og BG, IWD and NWN games in spiritual succession from these earlier ones



With infinity engine and solstice kinda the last in that line

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computer product heheh

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