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I'm strongly against time limits though. It's fine for some game types, but not something I'd enjoy in an RPG. (I guess BG1-style deadlines were fine. You knew the deadline and it was quite generous. It also didn't prevent you from exploring and taking your time outside of the specific timed quest.)
I am about 1/3rd of the way with you on that one. I like having a solid day/night, calendar, and weather system. I like having strong resting restrictions. I also long for the RPG that has some (if not all) storylines proceeding with me or without me. I would love it if I had to look at possible side quests and think, "Oooh, yeah... I've already done 4 side quests, I ought not to dawdle." Give the player ample time to venture down a few rabbit holes, sure... but put in a little sense of urgency and make it so that you can do a few things and some things will just have to be left for the next playthrough if you want to eventually try them all.