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Funny you should mention Bioware – you’ve probably heard that Anthem has been discontinued and plans for the follow up scrapped, there is talk that Bioware might not be around in a few years if they don’t turn things around and totally nail it with DA4 or the ME sequel. Anthem launched to very mediocre reviews but many players jumped on because Bioware devs promised they’d be active in the forums around how they were building things out and keep the community engaged to get direct feedback on what players wanted. But they didn’t do any of that, it was radio silence… and now look at them.

A lot of key leadership left Bioware over the years, and the remaining leadership clearly let ego take over any practical sense. One really wonders why anyone in Bioware thought Anthem was a good idea at all, if we take the statements that EA had nothing to do with proposing the project at face value.

Which we probably shouldn’t, but even without that, the signs of rampant mismanagement began as far back as DA2. I am sure nobody needs a refresher on what happened there, which was a shame because underneath all the recycled assets, the story and writing was by far the best of all DA games and would still hold up amazingly today. (Meanwhile Inquisition had a cosmic level threat for a villain, but him basically vanishing from the plot after Haven and the sheer incompetence of his underlings made the entire plot rather comical in comparison.)

Either way, I think some of the things said on this forum stem from a fear that Larian might just be a step away from following their path. I myself have been guilty of having these thoughts as they are transitioning into an AAA studio.

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