OK since nothing much changed on this front, I'm on barest bones. I now almost just wish they would take the camera away from me entirely, since I'm hanging on by the fingernails over here lol. Like I'd settle for a locked driving cam over the shoulder WASD to move in a heartbeat over this.

Please give us a way to bind the camera rotation to something other than the center mouse wheel and unlock the Z axis for it.

Right-Click or even CTRL click to rotate camera is way more ergonomic, whereas center mouse is like a constant ray of enfeeblement for my index finger.

If they could unlock the keybinds in the game settings, then we could just padmapper the thing for an xbox controller and I'd probably be 100 times happier. If I can get Swtor to work with an xbox controller on a PC, I wish the hotbar was set up so we could toggle keybinds just using a trigger to switch between cursor or driving mode. I'd give anything for just a regular ball cam eye in the sky. Why can't why we have one of those?

Movement outside of combat shouldn't feel nearly this laborious

Under normal conditions I think I'd prefer keyboard and mouse for a game of this sort, but the way this is set up I think I'll probably just have to tap out on it, at least until there is controller support for something other than Stadia. I don't know how else to articulate it, but it's just not a pleasant experience to casually move around from point A to B with the mouse for me in this game. If zoomed out for the superior tactical display, it feels like every single step forward requires an immediate camera adjustment for rotation/reorientation. Camera scouting so far ahead also just feels odd, but its basically a requirement the way it is, cause there's no casual drive/lock-cam option alternative to it.

Just from watching youtube videos of people playing on Stadia, it at least looks like a smoother and more organized vibe for the UI with the controller focus. Maybe not, I don't know, haven't tried it. But I don't feel like what we get with mouse+keyboard on PC in terms of camera control or keybinds or extended hotbar options or extra menu displays etc makes up for my frustration with the simple command and control type UI stuff at the most basic level of character movement. I was just struck by how different it looks under the controller oriented display compared to what I'm subjecting myself to over here as a lab mouse.

Maybe this thread isn't even the right place for what I'm talking about now? I think the issue I'm having is more foundational than a Party Movement mechanic concern, since even moving a single character feels onerous to me this way. I try to ignore or battle against it, charging ahead with the Polar Bear, and I can maybe go on for an hour or so before hitting the wall, but it saps all the joy from the other stuff I like about the game. Thinking about BG3 and checking these forums constantly is starting to take up a bit too much time and energy for me to sustain. I think I need to skip town on it till patch 5 or whatever. Fingers crossed for the long haul


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