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New to this forum. How do you get images to show up rather than links?
It is unreasonably difficult. If you copy the image address rather than the image itself, that sometimes works. Otherwise, the links to your images work so people can see what you link to.
It needs to end with a picture file .code thingy. So in the case of yours BlkPhnx it would be .jpg. However the reddit upload host seem to not like that and it doesn't show without all that nonsense code that goes after the .jpg in your link. Try using another image host, like imgur for example, and link them from there.

Anyway, here's Mattis, surly hermit hobbit druid:
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

He woke up on a spaceship in the middle of hell this morning and that was just the start of his bad day, so he is in an even less good mood than usual.

Having realised he was better protected getting naked and using a scroll of Mage Armour than in his robes, he braves the aberrant ship in nothing buthis knickers and chest hair, still angry and suspicious of everything:
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

And dammit if that doesn't piss him off! That was his favourite robe!
Oh well. It was probably ruined from being all soaked in illithid pod fluid anyway. Godsdamned space squids.

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