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Folks, the "any class learn any spell" is a FEATURE of the Divinity engine. Swen is proud of it, it will not be changing.

Characters simply can either learn all spells, or no spells. I'm surprised you're surprised.

While that may be a thing for Divinity, that is not Forgotten Realms.

What's the point of a Class based system???
oh I totally agree with you, but the reason is that this game is built on Divinity first, not D&D. This is Divinity: Forgotten Realms (DOS3). people have REFUSED to acknowledge this for months, despite it's seeming appearance.

It will NOT change. Larian's track history of actually making changes sugggested or BEGGED by the players is abysmal.

It is a FEATURE and a TRAIT of Larian to be stubborn and bullheaded and do what they want until, like the DOS2 armor debacle, they have to be slapped into wakefulness.

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