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I agree. This will never change.
I'm totally convinced that Larian thinks they had created a brilliant solution and we are not giving due credit to their geniality.

It looks like something they could think^^
And they would probably add that those complaining are just the vocal minority. Swen never listen the vocal minority.

I was there 3000 years ago... When the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle started. Back then the people who said that the ending was a complete and utter failure was told to be the "vocal minitory". But looking back now, watching videos and reading posts about the ending it seems like most people and even a large portions of gaming media are in agreement that the ending wasn't that good and thought out after all.

So maybe the people who dislike the movement mechanic in BG3 right now aren't such a minority after all. Maybe the amount of people posting about it seems small to Larian (though I don't think it is). But that doesnt necessarily mean that just a small portion of the players dislike the movement mechanics. It's just that not everyone cares enough to post about it. They either just play the game despite not liking the movement mechanics, or just give up and stop playing the game entirely and move on to another game.

Pretty sure the argument for ME3 ending wasn't "vocal minority", it was "our artistic interpretation choosing how the game should be" was what they held on to until they were forced to basically change it.