Well I don't know any of these peeps, so of course I'd have no real clue what they might be thinking or care about or not. It might all be pointless sure, or maybe someday Skynet's AI will comb it all over and make a perfect game. I'm sure it's gotta be kinda rough to work all day on stuff, come home to the house forums and hear more grumbling than praise here about certain subjects lol. Or it's certainly possible some just want to get something passing out the door and onto PS5 or whatever, and then run away from D&D on a computer as fast as they can, like seems to happen with every other developer that moonlights with this franchise lol. Its a hard demographic to please. Though I do feel like they could marshal some of the critical energy in a slightly more positive direction with more engagement. The same sort of folks who bang away at forums, also tend to stick around and remain boosters, do the bug reports, write the reviews or the guides or wikis or whatever, mod the game in the afterlife, and hold on for all the expansions and follow up and help improve it over time. But I spend more energy thinking about what an idealized version of a Baldur's Gate sequel could be than engaging with the actual game product in front of me at this point. I just honestly can't get past the UI, camera and main control scheme, despite liking a lot of other things about it. I wish that wasn't so, but it is. That's alright though, there will be other games, doubtless. BG was just a special one for me, so I want desperately not to be disappointed with it, though I think that may probably impossible given the status of the ogs in my head/young-life hehe. I'll probably misty step out on EA just to avoid feeling burnt or adding to burnt feelings, though I'm sure I'll take another look after the full release or when modding opens it up. Maybe it gets there in the end somehow. One can always hope