Here are some tricks and observations I have discovered during my first Druid session. In short, they seem like the strongest class by far, with some support from your companions.

Druids are the ultimate tanks. With 2 wild forms per short rest, and picking gold dwarf, you effectively have 81 HP every short rest at level 2, right after completing the prologue. Two bear forms along with your base hp. When your forms lose health, your druids health is unaffected, so it is basically free health boost. On top of that, druid has excellent healing spells.

Good berries heal for a total of 10 hp on average as a level one spell, which is better than the cure wounds spell which heal for 7.5 average (with 16 wisdom). Good berries also don’t use wisdom, in case you want to go with a low wisdom druid, and can be precast before combat, so you are only using a bonus action instead of a normal action. Good berries can also be spread around to teammates, and is an efficient way to top off HP if you have a bonus action you have no use for. On the downside, you can’t use good berries to heal a downed party member so make sure that it isn’t your only form of healing.

To make up for the high HP, the animal forms have a poor base AC. However, that can be fixed with some help from your friends. Mage armor works on all the animal forms along with shield of faith. Combined, they bump up the bear to 17 AC and the spider/wolf to 19 AC, which is quite respectable. I personally like the spider for tanking as it can also web enemies, keeping them locked down and causing disadvantage on their attack dice. If they dodge the web, the spider can also cause disadvantage with their poisonous bite. With web being a bonus attack, Spider can do both every round. Finally, the spider can quickly travel long distances with a special super jump ability that only counts as a bonus action so you can get right into melee and reach enemies in high places.

Bear is also a great tank form because of the high HP and taunt ability, with the main downside being a lower AC. But that could be a plus as enemies tend to prefer to attack lower AC party members.

When not in animal form, the druid is still hard to kill, since they can use both medium armor and a shield. Note: to wear medium armor, you seem to now need a minimum of 10 STR, so don’t completely dump that stat. With some borrowed half-plate armor, a shield, 14 DEX, and a shield of faith from our cleric friend, you will have 21 AC.

I have not got to level 3 yet, but the spells look really impressive. With how long the druid can stall out battle and survive for, moonbeam and the flaming boulder sounds really powerful since they keep dealing damage over multiple rounds for a single spell use.

While the attack power of the druid is pretty average, when adding in those level 3 spells which can AOE damage, they might be the strongest damage dealers as well as the hardest to take down.

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