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Yeah I am sadly prone to feeling resigned aswell, mostly because Larian doesn't seem to communicate much at all with us on these forums, and so we will never learn their intentions and opinions. If they never really listen to us, do you know if it's possible to mod to such an extent that you can make BG3 faithful to the PHB rules?

In fact, does anyone here know about that? To what extent does it seem likely we will be able to mod the game?

Going off of what Scribe says, quite a lot if your only intention is to alter the mechanics and add new classes. As far as messing with anything related to objects go, that is probably still up in the air. But there might be a rise in the amount of people interested in modding very soon, so it might be beneficial for the community as a whole to do a deep dive into the game's coding and maybe even get some basic tutorials set up.

I want to mod in Greenmage because it seems like a decent entry point for me to learn about modding in general, because I've never attempted such a thing before. It wouldn't really change anything fundamental in the game's coding.

Here's a list of everything the Solasta Greenmage archetype gets.

[Linked Image from cdn.discordapp.com]

(The below isn't relevant as BG3 EA doesn't extend past level 4, but I'm just listing it here for posterity's sake.)

[Linked Image from cdn.discordapp.com]

(There will probably be one more higher level feature for all archetypes late in the game, Solasta's level cap is currently stated to be level 10... But Solasta's current EA content is said to span somewhere close to the halfway point of the game, and you hit level 6 at the start of the current end of the dungeon.)

Here's an example of how a Greenmage Wizard actually fights.

Effective use of concentration spells are hugely important to the Greenmage archetype, as between Hunter's Mark, Faerie Fire, and Flaming Sphere, they have extremely good sustained ranged damage. The struggle is figuring out WHICH concentration spell to utilize in any given situation. Note that the above footage was before the update that got rid of dim light disadvantage, which was an indirect nerf to Flaming Sphere's tactical viability as a mobile bright light source. The devs made this specific fight much harder by adding a few more enemies and changing AI tactics to start prioritizing ways to impose disadvantage on ranged characters, though they've since been on record admitting that they may have overtuned the new version of the fight.

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