Good grief that would have saved me so many hours of needless irritation lol. I am indeed playing on Steam, and I have a very distinct memory of trying to set that up in the options more than a few times and giving up on it since it didn't seem to work. Perhaps because I failed to reassign the right click to cancel action/context bind? Or maybe I was goofing the final prompt? Or I really have no idea, but I just it tried again, I swapped the center mouse for right click in each field where they were listed and it worked!

I really can't overstate how much better this feels to me than center mouse to rotate default. The center mouse was hobbling me almost on the level of not being able to invert the Y axis in a shooter game (I'm inverted/goofy there and anything less is unplayable to me) but yeah, I feel almost like I was trying to play the game with mittens on and now suddenly being able to take them off heheh.

Well this might be enough for me right here, to at least continue the Druid playthrough. It's certainly still not my ideal control scheme or cam control, but its pretty amazing how something which might seem relatively minor to some, can be really major for others.

Now if only I could control the camera pitch/tilt!

But at least this way the BG3 cam can work for me on the level of TW battle view. Center mouse to rotate was literally driving me up the walls. Triple checking the forums, finally paying off. Thanks Zarna!!!

ps. I'm seriously over here just kind of marveling at how impactful that single simple change is manifesting itself for me right now. Its hard to describe, but maybe the inverted Y axis thing is a useful analog. Like who knows, maybe if I never played any flight sims when I was young the Y axis inversion would not be an issue at all for me? Maybe if it had never been introduced to me I'd have adapted the other way, or maybe I'd just not like video games at all lol. or any number of possible branches that might have come off that one. But it's too late to change now for me on that one for sure.

I think because every other game I've played that had me controlling a ball cam was right click to rotate. Or I don't know maybe its like Doom or Unreal or Goldeneye imprinting with strafes, and that type stuff that sticks. That I have a certain thing now, that I need in cam control, such that trying to do it in a slightly different way felt instantly unnatural or off putting, and I really do fixate. It's like training to do things one certain way and getting used to it by muscle memory based on other titles or programs, and then having to do it a different way with one hand tied behind the back, all the ughs. So I don't know, but when someone is saying to the devs "hey I really don't dig how this works or how it feels in controls" it could sometimes be a relatively simple type fix that makes a very large impact. Something as simple as a different keybind when I thought it was locked off just made a noticeable difference for me and has improved my attitude and playing experience markedly. Party movement controls might be a bit like that, just on a bigger scale, is I guess what I'm saying.

Anyhow, going to dive back in for a while I'm riding high on this temp reprieve. Thanks again. I swear I must have posted on the center mouse click 20 times, but didn't catch any reply's that it could be changed. Minor miracle lol

Just to further clarify, I right-click with my middle finger, but left click and center mouse wheel click/scroll with my index finger. So I am used to Camera rotation on a mouse being a right click=middle finger action, whereas typically interaction/zoom/scroll is an index finger action. And trying to reverse them legit felt like playing left handed almost.

Also just in case anyone was curious, yes, I also played the Atari Centipede standup pretty backwards stance too with the roller ball lol. But I don't want to get left behind in the new era guys! Controls are so key

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