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[quote=Black_Elk]For example, I'd love to hear the reasons why Wizards can cast Cleric spells or is it a bug? Why can all classes can use scrolls? Have they even acknowledged the feedback on the party controls? If it's not going to change, just inform us so. I'm probably hoping for too much in that respect.

Wizards learning spells from other lists is a bug and will be fixed according to a reply in the latest patch thread.

Everyone using scrolls is probably a Larian way to make combat more "fun" for the casual market that pays the bills.

I hate the movement system, but I'm 99% sure it is the way it is not because they think their system is better for a CRPG, but because it works for consoles as well as PCs. 2020 saw console market share overtake PC in terms of gamers and revenue and any developer that wants to make money needs to design for both. That's just a necessity of the market these days and it's why I spent more time in character creation in Dragon Age II than I did playing the game. The changes they made to adapt to console players killed the franchise for me because it didn't feel like a CRPG of old to me.

BG3 is the first game since then to scratch that itch, but I accept it's going to be a compromise. At this point I'd be happy just to have:

(A) A toggle switch for all party members to hold position until I explicitly move them,

(B) A requirement to manually leave turn-based mode after a combat is complete so I can both deal with Death Save Thows, healing, re-grouping before allies kill themselves, trigger conversations I'm not ready for, jump off cliffs, set off traps, or GO FOR THE EYES BOO!!!