I would like to add:
Quality of life: Allways choose protagonist when starting dialogue, unless s/he is hiding ...
Quality of life: Being able to change speaking character ...
Quality of life: Being able to ask our companions for their opinion, or ask them to provide informations in conversations ...
Quality of life: Being able to ask our companions for dealing with situations ... (Protagonist dumped charisma, let Wyll do the persuation, and then let protagonist to keep talking ... no need to implement if we can change speaking character ofc.)

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- Interface: Take off the square and triangle icons that are under the skill bar. It's taking too much space. This already happens out of combat.
I believe this is intended so we clearly see when turn-based mode is active. O_o

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-Owl Bear Wildshape
Beside this is wishlist, and therefore we could want anything ...
That is not possible in DnD right? Since owlbear is monstrosity, and not beast.

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!