I've said this before, but I'll say it again, I'm absolutely sure that the "resting area" is tied to acts. In second act, we will have something new (I hope). Perhaps in the future we will have some kind of permanent "base"?

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There needs to be both many more resting restricted areas, and long rest enabled areas. For local resting.

Using the same camp for long rests during an entire act will always prove troublesome, as the party is expected to somehow teleport that distance. It gets more silly the further you travel.

Going to sleep in a surface camp while deep in the Underdark is already immersion breaking and silly in EA. And no, having a really convenient teleportation network everywhere you go to explain this is not the answer. The teleportation system breaks immersion even more since it's obviously there only for gameplay convenience and doesn't make sense in the context of the game world.

A big part of adventuring IS setting up camp in dangerous locations with possible consequences, and looking or securing a safe place to rest.

Why can't we rest in the fortress or in the village in the Underdark? Why can't we rest in abandoned camps or in the Blighted Village after securing a house, or clearing the entire village? Or in the safe areas, Druid Grove or Tiefling camp?

There are so many exciting and logical places to have a long rest in! The pocket dimension camp is boring and weird in comparison.

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