I don't know if this is a proper bug but still I'm gonna post it in this thread.

My druid toon has 10 in strenght. That is he should be able to lift a maximun of 100 kilos (or libres or whatever weight unit of mesure they have in Faerun), currently my toon is in the nautiloid ship, I decided to gather son nautiloid tanks, those explosive fellas can be useful later and weight 25, but when I highlight the tank the only option I can use is "attack". I switched to Lae'zel, strenght 17 that is 170 kilos, and she is able to take the tanks (three for an amount of 75 ).

I tried to use the inventory menu to move the tanks from Lae'zel to Gallenus (the name of my new druid) but again I couldn't, as final resort I selected the tank and opened the courtain menu, again the option "Give to Gallenus" was not on.