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Mods should really help to understand the consequences of our suggestions and how the game would be with small adjustments.

I'd really love to have a mod just to change the advantage from highground and backstab for a +2 to attack rolls.

This would be very constructive to think and adjust what we're talking for monthes (another exemple : locked food in combats maybe except goodberries,...).

I guess it should be really easy to do but I have 0 skills in modding^^

Yeah that's what I was suggesting in another thread.

If DnD Rebalancing gets updated for patch 4, give it a shot.
The author of that mod is also working on giving +2 AC bonus to combatants on higher ground.

I enjoyed the game much more with the mod, but didn't play since a couple months. Too busy with playing PF:K and PF:WotR 😁
Also patch 4 was lacking for me, so I will give BG3 another try with patch 5 or 6, if the party controls get improved and if the mod gets updated.