Has anyone else noticed that advantage from high ground and disadvantage from low ground is working differently than patch 3? It seems there is now a premium on when high ground advantage or low ground disadvantage can be applied. (The UI doesn't always reflect this).

Thread containing data on attack rolls for High Ground and Low Ground

Patch 4 is confirming a lot of our thoughts that the game would be more fun if range-dependent classes got to roll their attacks normal. Instead of Advantage or Disadvantage most of the time.

Even though high ground advantage and low ground advantage is still in the game. With the reduced occurrence of both, I've been able to use more spells and take on more battles proactively. I'm keeping an open mind throughout patch 4. So far through the Harpy fight I have been having a lot more fun in combat. What about the rest of you?

I'm going to play through all of Early Access before I totally change my opinion on Advantage from High Ground and Disadvantage from Low Ground.

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