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That is exactly where you are wrong ...
No, I'm not? Stating it boldly doesn't make it a fact.

It wouldnt need to be figured out so the game works as YOU want ... but it would need to be figured out for others. O_o
There are people who are resting aftere every encounter, since they simply want to ... and since Larian is gathering our gameplay data, i dare to presume that they know much better than we do how often are most people resting.
I presume not even you would expect them to tune game for minority. wink
That's basically just gibberish.
And "How much people are resting" now is irrelevant, when the problem is precisely that the game is currently WAY too permissive with how much you can do it.

In my point of wiev, i traded quality for quality ...
What better did you people showed to support your opinion than "its suppose to be that way by rules this is based on, even if that dont follow them litteraly" or "i dont ike it" ? O_o
Also, there's no hard rule about how to adapt the rest system from pen & paper to videogame format, so trying to imply that any complaint about the current dysfunctional form of the feature is a matter of fanaticism toward the original rulebook is comically misguided at best.

The point is that keep it as it is satisfy everyone ... except extremist that demand their restrictions as it seems. :-/
Ah yes, "extremists". Is this another attempt to play that hilarious "silent million" angle?

You want rest? You can.
You want rest later? You can.
You dont want to rest at all? You can.
Everyone happy.
You don't understand how game design work. Not even specifically for "videogames" but for games in general. A game is defined by his rules and restrictions.
Imagine "Let's play Monopoly. But every few minutes you'll be free to decide if you want to add to your bank 100,000 $ or not. It's up to you".

In that case you ignored your characters that was demanding rest.
"Demanding" (very sparsely) to rest without giving you any actual reason to do it given that there's absolutely no penalty involved is rather pointless, isn't it?

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