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Not sure if there's been a mention of it yet, but schedule autosaves rather than milestone autosaves would be a significant improvement.

I'm dyspraxic. I am biologically incapable of perceiving the passage of time or keeping an internal schedule. So far in nine hours of play time, I've barely made it to the druid grove because something kills me and it's been an hour, two hours since the last autosave and I have no way to track when the last time I made a manual save was. I understand that too-frequent autosaves might make the game too 'easy' for some players (by reducing the importance of doing well), but I think the ability to set an autosave frequency that fits your needs might improve the playability over all.

Just something as simple as an option in the autosave or accessibility settings that lets you set autosaves to 'once every ten minutes', 'once every thirty minutes', or 'once every hour' would massively increase my ability to enjoy the game.

Have you tried to quicksave after a major battle rather than trying to remember time wise? That is what I do, after every major accomplishment (either a major conversation or battle) I hit F5. Though I still think your idea about offering a scheduled autosave is a great idea in itself. Just wondering if maybe my idea would help you before then. I am not one of those people against "savescumming" personally I think if you want to do it, it is your game, nothing wrong with it anyways.

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