Not sure if these have been encountered yet but I've come across 2 bugs recently. one seems like a bug and the other one might not be but I think should definitely be addressed.

1) after a battle in the the temple where you meet shadowheart I had Astarion selected and he was sneaking. I was trying to get him to loot a corpse of a baddy but clicked on my druid in wildhape as the bear and accidently went in to the pickpocket screen. I exited out and selected my druid to unwildshape him and move him but then when i went in to my inventory my Druid's stuff was gone. Not in Astarions inventory or anyone else's but just gone. Luckily I have been autosaving like crazy so i didn't lose much progress.

2) while wildshaped i can't seem to interact with moon beam to move the beam on my turn. This should definitely be something you can do since part of the balancing with Druid has them have a lot of concentration spells that they can keep up in wildshape. I think this is probably a bug but wanted to point it out. I haven't tried with flaming sphere yet