The chain is still pretty dreadful though I gotta say. My main issue now is that when the main character is unchained to scout then trying to rechain them just causes the selected character's portrait to disappear. Once all 4 characters were unchained, the portraits just switched places without showing the chain animation regardless of which direction I'd peal away or back into a neighboring portrait. Had to reload a couple times. I'd rather just have a click to select, and click to group without having to do like a magic magnet chain swipe maneuver with the cursor lol. I don't like the click and drag wherever it shows up right now, which is mainly with the portraits, hotbar and then in the inventory. I wish it could be more click and stick than click and hold to drag if that makes sense.

I like that the chain animation feels less pronounced now, and the highlight felt better, but then it fritzed out and I had to focus on it again.

Another thing I run into constantly with the drive style camera view, is accidentally left clicking the head of another party member and initiating a talk instead targeting of the ground.

At max zoom-in the companions will jog into frame when I'm trying to keep up the pace, or a head will pop up at the last second and snag the click intended for the floor. I'd be better if they would hang back at a further remove so that can't happen when in a driving angle. Even if it gave us like 20 or 30 degrees of pitch on the Z Axis for the camera it would hold up much better for surveying and get rid of the visor view feeling it has right now. If we could swing up along the same arch that we can swing back when zooming out it would probably feel more fluid for me. I really wish I could just control the camera in 360 though and lock it to the MC. I'd probably play that way the entire time outside of combat

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