1)Finding that some chests or doors I was able to lock pick before I'm not able to do now; instead displaying as "Lockpicking Impossible". What I'm noticing is that they're all story quest/item related?

-Kagha's chest
-The door leading to the forge room in the Blighted village, that has the Mastercraft weapon blueprints
-The metal door that the Necromancy book of Thay is behind.

This is also with Astarion, with thieves tools as well.

2) Another thing I've also noticed, while disengaging in combat my character more often than not first walks away from the enemy before jumping, provoking an opportunity attack anyway. This is even while being careful to not aim to jump outside the range or circle displayed, with no obstacles blocking me from moving anywhere. It'd honestly be nice if jumping and disengaging were separate buttons.

3) Talkative skeleton ended up duplicating himself in the cutscene where he climbs out of his sarcophagus, duplicate vanished once it was over however.