You are purposefully wasting people's time and rambling random stuff at this point.
Half of your arguments aren't even actual arguments, but convoluted, roundabouts ways to claim that everything is matter of opinions. The rest is nonsense.

Once again, you show that ugly habit of confusing therms "irrelevnat" with "irrelevant for myself only".
No, it's just irrelevant to the point at hand in general.But we are going in circles here.

What what ... quality for quality? Its common expresion in my language, it means that im only willing to try as hard as you seem to.
Or did you missunderstand the rest?
Uh, this isn't about misunderstandings. it's more the fact that the grammar of your entire sentence was hilariously broken from start to end. And if I can tell it even as a non-native English speaker I have to wonder what sort of mess it must sound like to an English/American user.

It seem to me like you dont understant how game design work ... especialy in "early acess" or "still in development" state of that game. O_o
No shit it's Early Access. So?
What does it change? Do you fail completely to grasp the idea that an early access player can implicitly just judge what's there and the ridiculous futility of suggesting that any feedback should be held back until the game is finished?

Can you please decide before we continue? O_o
I don't "need to decide" anything. There's nothing indecisive about what I stated and I made a perfectly clear point. Your reading comprehension is just failing you.

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