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He comes from a dwarf clan that focused on raising goats and dairy cows and creating delicious milks, meats, and cheeses that were well loved far and wide. Though he dedicated himself to a local druid circle he used his abilities to better help his family and their ranches and became a celebrated cheesemaker! As with any artist however his craft was limited by what paints he had access to. or in his case... Milks. So he set off on an adventure to find new and interesting creatures from which he could potentially create a new cheese and revolutionize the culinary world!
My suggestion would be using myconids. Hallucinogenic cheese! laugh (I mean, it would be not that far off from real life cheese production...)

Anyway, joining the druid team with my drow. Admittedly, she is only a drow because I wanted to see their fabled dialogue options (seems like they get more than other races), but it does kind of fit with the land circle: underdark.

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