The chest in the hidden forge (where you discover/make the susa bark weapons) up the ladder on the platform 'above' the trapped chest, is seemingly unable to be opened; I might just be a twerp and not finding the key.

I seem to have broken party member interaction in the camp; I've had no interaction with any of them beyond Gale's "I need to eat magical items" dialogues, Astarion's "I need to have a suck" dialogues, and Shadowheart's "I'm a priestess of Shar" dialogues that trigger when you hit the triggers in the abandoned village/owlbear's lair. I wonder if this is an side-effect of the weighted dice; combat is definitely less gruelling, so I'm able to go further without resting.

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Elfira's song's subtitles are visible anywhere, even from the other side of the map. All others aren't.
Yep, I get this too.
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Bugs I've encountered so far that weren't present before Patch 4:
- When approaching the windmill to save the dark gnome, the goblins now attack on sight instead of triggering the dialogue even if you're not hostile with the goblin camp.
- Kagha's chest can't be lockpicked anymore.
I've got these too. (edit: and her key doesn't seem to work either!)

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