I discovered a new, interesting way to use flame blade. Most weapons, if dual-wielding and held in your off-hand, will lose their ability modifiers for attack rolls and damage. However, there is no downside to holding a flame blade in your off-hand. It still gets it’s ability modifier for attack (wisdom) and has no damage ability modifier regardless of whether it is held in the main hand or off hand.

The humble club, like Flame Blade, is a light weapon and can be used with dual-weilding. This makes for a good complimentary weapon for your main hand, since the druid cantrip can make it a d8 roll and also wisdom-based like Flame Blade so you don’t need to pump up more than one ability stat. While it looks strange fighting with a club and scimitar, that combo is the most damaging two weapons in the game I can think of that can be duel-wielded without the help of feats.

Another interesting thing about Flame Blade is that it can be learned by wizards. A scroll is sold by a merchant in the Grove. I am not sure if wisdom is still used for attack rolls, if cast by a wizard; I’ll test that later.

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