For the life of me, I'll never understand why Larian so adamantly refuse to even acknowledge this issue. Is it because of some kind of hurt pride?
At this point I've learned that Larian is probably one of the worst EA developers when it comes to meaningful communication with the EA testers, and the community in general. But they must at least be able to say something?? (And not just about this issue)

Are you aware that a large portion of the testers very much dislike the current lacklustre movement and party control mechanics? Yes or no?
If aware/now that you are aware, is this something you are going to look in to? Yes or no?

I'm not asking for a roadmap that goes in to full detail when and exactly how you are going to address this issue. Just a simple yes or no answer. Can't be that hard can it?

And again, I must say that i'm not a fan of the title change the mods did to this thread. The current title feels very disingenuous for what this thread is trying to convey.

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