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Even though I have done some posts on being a TTRPG and looking in on BG3. What about the reverse? What is someone plays a PC game that says it is using D&D 5e rules then wants to actually play a TT D&D 5e session/game? I think they will be in for a totally different system knowing what they 'think' is 5e from playing a PC, is not the same as 5e TT rules/mechanic wise. And yes TTRPG is very very different than PC RPG and I am sure we all would like BG3 to really, really be a great bridge to both of those.

I can see someone playing a level 1 fighter at a TTRPG session telling the table they can cast scrolls just as good as the wizard, or pick locks just as good as the the rogue, or the face man as the bard (yeah I know no bards yet in BG3) but I think you get the picture then having the other players at the table go 'WTF?'

Exactly. Which is why I am surprised that WotC hasn't taken a more active hand. They want BG3 to introduce new players to the ruleset just like BG2 did for so many.

Actually I would say WoTC wants to introduce more people to the actual game of TTRPG etc, rather than the ruleset. So it makes total sense to all BG3 some room to make it more appealing to the casual base. That is more people that can be brought into the D&D playerbase overall, where they can than deal with whatever homebrew 5E ruleset some DM wants, if even that. A lot of DMs stay with 2e and 3e.