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Actually I would say WoTC wants to introduce more people to the actual game of TTRPG etc, rather than the ruleset. So it makes total sense to all BG3 some room to make it more appealing to the casual base. That is more people that can be brought into the D&D playerbase overall, where they can than deal with whatever homebrew 5E ruleset some DM wants, if even that. A lot of DMs stay with 2e and 3e.

That's probably the thinking -- can we introduce the game to new players.

But I think they will be making a mistake if they don't keep a close eye on the ruleset. If the ruleset is always in flux and the interpretations of it differ radically why go the license at all? Why not make something really similar -- which is what PoE did and it's what Pathfinder is doing. Someone needs to set the standard that other deviate from.

(and right now that looks like Solasta even though it's just an SRD game)