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Actually I would say WoTC wants to introduce more people to the actual game of TTRPG etc, rather than the ruleset. So it makes total sense to all BG3 some room to make it more appealing to the casual base. That is more people that can be brought into the D&D playerbase overall, where they can than deal with whatever homebrew 5E ruleset some DM wants, if even that. A lot of DMs stay with 2e and 3e.
What makes this kind of argument ridiculous every time it's used is the implied but completely unproven assumption that whatever they are doing should work better on that type of audience.

Considering the sales of the game just for EA, I would say it is working just fine. Maybe get out of the habit of just focusing on posting snark and anger towards other players in all your posts, and you might be open to others opinions.

How could the sales of the game be related to mechanics players didn't experienced at all about before buying it ?

The sales of the game comes from : Larian's new game + D&D new game + Baldur's Gate name. That's what the hype was about.

No one knew the deep mechanics of the game before playing it and whatever they had done, they would have sold the game the same.

They just said that it would be as close as the ruleset as possible, that's all what we knew before buying.

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